5 Reasons To Choose Self-Catering Cottages in Falmouth

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Cornwall is the top holiday destination in the UK. No wonder it has been voted number 1 for the British Travel Award for the last eight years. Falmouth is one of the popular towns in Cornwall known for being the world’s third-largest natural harbour.

As Falmouth is blessed with the most beautiful natural views, it’s the home of many popular self-catering cottages. Falmouth self catering cottages are something that many travellers look forward to when they visit Cornwall.

But what makes it so popular? Well, you might find your answer in the following article. Here are five reasons to choose such cottages in Falmouth.

Cottages in Falmouth

It’s a home away from home

Many travellers with dietary restrictions find it challenging to find the right food while travelling. Different food allergies can make it dangerous for travellers to eat outside when they travel.

That is why self-catering cottages make a lot of sense for them. If your family members have any special food requirements or restrictions, you can cook your food in the cottage. The cottages are equipped with a fully-functioning kitchen.

They also have all the essential utensils and appliances, so you have better control over the portions and ingredients in the food.  

No dinner timings

One of the major concerns for people is the timings of breakfast and dinner. Hotels and resorts usually have fixed timetables to have breakfast and dinner. It becomes inconvenient to plan your holiday around the eating schedules, as you might miss out on various spots. That isn’t the case with self-catering cottages.

Whether you are exploring the Swanpool or Maenporth beach or learning the history of Falmouth at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, you don’t have to rush to your cottage to grab lunch or dinner. You can come back to your Falmouth self-catering cottage any time you want. Whether to cook or not is also your choice. 

You save a lot of money

Self-catering cottages go easy on your pocket compared to hotels, especially if you travel with family. You don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket when you can cook your own meal in the fully functioning kitchen at these cottages.

Unlike hotels where you have to pay extravagantly for various dishes, you can take a stroll down the local market to buy fresh vegetables, fish, groceries, and supplies to cook your own delicious meal.

You can imagine the money you’d have to pay to eat in high-end hotels for a family of 5 for several days.

You get a lot of space

Self-catering cottages have multiple rooms, so the entire family can easily fit comfortably. Unlike renting a hotel room, you rent the entire cottage for several days. That means you have a lot of space to use and move around. There are also outdoor areas to play and spend an evening watching the sunset.

Pet friendly

If you love to bring along your furry friend with you, that won’t be a problem. Many self-catering cottages are pet friendly, so they allow your pets to stay with you. Some cottages also have dog treats and bowls ready, so you don’t have to worry about carrying them with you. 

Self-catering cottages are a different experience for travelers who want to make their stay memorable. Cooking and eating food with your loved ones gazing at the beautiful views of Falmouth is an exquisite experience of its own.

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