Top 5 Best Alternative Sites like Angie’s List 2023

Search out the best alternative site like Angie’s list for home-based professionals such as contractors, designers, plumbers, etc. That makes their work easier for them and provides many opportunities to improve work pros with membership options. It has made it easier to get a home-based job for professionals.

What is Angie’s list?

Angie’s list has an emerging value in the market of home-based professionals. It is a site where business owners create their free profiles and allow customers to search for work. It is a paid site with a low fee where you must purchase a membership for $10 – $65.

 It is an American site (US) introduced in 1995 for home service. The ups and downs of any company depend upon its work and appraisal/reviews you get from customers and the overall average rating.

 You can raise your position in Angie’s list and get more reviews and certifications by offering optional paid ad services and discount codes. It is most beneficial for contractors and facilitates its users with a long history of reviewers.

But one of the draws backs of this site is that the user must pay monthly, whether he gets a lead or not. It is only available for the US peopled but, you will have difficulty in its use or must pay extra if you are not in the US.

There are a lot of alternative sites like Angie’s list that help you in hiring professionals. These sites collect the data of skilled professionals in your area; their abilities, profile; reviews they get from other industries that projected them, and charges they would demand for your work. All these things help you to decide whom you must select according to your work.

Best Alternative Sites Like Angie’s List

These are some of the best alternative sites that can improve your business; pros help you find the most devoted, dedicated, and motivated workers for your job. These are prepaid but help a lot to find competitive and trusted customers for your business.

  1. Houzz
  2. Thumbtack
  3. Porch
  4. HomeAdvisor
  5. Consumer’s checkbook


It is one of the best websites where you can find out niche professionals with different skills. It is an American-based website having professionals related to different types of communities. It has many competitive customers from various fields like landscape design, interior design, architecture, and home decorations. Business builders can build, remodel, and decorate their businesses over here.


Here you can look for the best customers that would remodel their homes. It is a well-reputed website that can help you as a trustable professional.

It is earned through the advertisement of products, an elite list of niche professionals, and less commission in the marketplace.

Now there are more than 40 million niches professional that may be proving to be the best leads for your business.


Thumbtack is among the most favorite online platform for customers, small business owners, and home services.

It is a bit different from other sites as here customers create their profile where they describe their skills then firms offer them jobs according to that & they have a choice whether to do work or reject.

Best Alternative Sites like Angie’s List

On thumbtack, contractors have to pay about $25, $50 to do a job, and sometimes more after successful completion of the job. Thumbtack provides a large number of trusted leads. You can trust it for the job. 

On this website, you can promote your company. Here your rank depends upon the type of job, and you’ve to pay for leads.

But it is specialized for US states& you cannot directly contact customers by video call & telephone. You have t sent them an e-mail which is sometimes frustrating.


The porch is also one of the known platforms for home services. It couples homeowners with high-quality and enthusiastic home improvements and repair professionals that work with each other to lead a business.

Alternative Sites like Angie’s List

The porch offers business owners to put the type of job as well as their budget, and customer contacts them to present their services.

This site allows both professionals and customers to be active for free. It claims help in case of any loss, quality performance issue, and incomplete performance of professionals. It is not US-based. Besides all other sites, it only provides home renovators & repairers.


This site is not much known like Angie’s list but a hood competitor of it. It mainly focused on homes & property. Its services are free for property owners but paid for by customers.

Alternative Site like Angie’s List

It guides a lot about the renovation of your house within your budget, maintains the price of professionals, and helps to find the best professionals and customers with reviews among a lot for home renovation and designing.

But one of its drawbacks is that it charges customers and professionals for leads whether they hire them or not.

Customer’s Checkbook

It is a user-friendly website that is specialized for non-profitable customer groups. It is independent & gives free advice to about saving money and choosing the best profession for the jobs to the professionals and customers without advertising from the business.

Alternative Site like Angie’s List

It tells about the services of companies in your areas with rated best & worse qualities, and prices for the different jobs they offer. It provides complete information and blogs to customers honestly.

It gives reviews of all professionals and customers from health to home renovation. But it’s a drawback that this site doesn’t show an advertisement for business even then you have to pay them for the job.

Moreover, information is not for all cities which may cause difficulty for you to choose a work while sitting in rural areas.

Final Verdict

All these websites are the best for you, where you can search out home projects and small to large businesses. Here you can find out qualified customers with experience and devotion to your business.

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