8 Best Pickleball Shoes for Men & Women Review 2023

Although there are no specific shoes for pickleball, there are certain types of sneakers that are suitable for playing. You can’t use running shoes for pickleball, for this court shoes are required. In this article, we have collected all those shoes that you can use while playing pickleball. You can also wear them for volleyball, tennis, and pickleball.

Pickleball is an indoor game for which you need a pickleball net, paddles, balls, posts, and a good pair of shoes. Most players think running shoes are enough for playing in the court, but it is not correct as running shoes allow only forward motion while the shoe you require for pickleball should be able for forwarding, backward and side-to-side movement. The shoe must have a good grip on the sticky or slippery floor.

Best Pickleball Shoes

Qualities of Pickleball Shoes:

As a perfect pickleball player, your shoes must be able to tackle all the problems you may face during playing. For a professional player, a fine shoe is a vital part as its success lies under his/her shoe working. Let’s have a glance at the qualities of pickleball shoes.

Outer Material:

The outer material should be of pure leather, synthetic leather, or fabric having a mesh combination. Such synthetic leather provides more stability than the other. Usually, pure leather loses firmness with time, and it is (expensive) than synthetic, so it is not much perfect for a good game. Moreover, court shoes must-have rave stability for side to side movement.


The next thing that needs much attention is the outsole of athletic shoes. For outsoles, non-marking is vital so that it may not leave any mark in the court. In pickleball, the outsoles don’t bear much weight, so the durability of the outsole is not a big issue. Despite this, insoles must be durable. 

The width of the midsole must be according to the height of the arch. Such a midsole will support the shape of the footwell. 

The shoe should be light in weight. For tennis, as it is an outdoor game, the shoe must be durable, and for volleyball, the shoe must have a good grip on the wooden floor.

The Best and High-Quality Shoes for Pickleball’s Players:

Here is a list of well, comfortable, high-quality, and perfect shoes for pickleball. I am pretty sure; this article will help you a lot in finding the best shoe for your game. The shoe will help you to play like a professional without having any issues related to your feet.

  1. The ASICS Men’s Gel Dedicated 5 Shoe
  2. Saucony Grid Stratos 5 Shoes
  3. New Balance Women’s 696v3
  4. ASICS Women’s Gel Resolution 7
  5. Nike Men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour shoes
  6. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express
  7. Adidas Barricade Club Pickleball Shoe 
  8. Prince T22 Hard Court Pickleball Shoe

The ASICS Men’s Gel Dedicated 5 Shoe:

Asics is a well-known brand famous for running shoes, clothing, garments, and athletic wear. But it is top-ranked due to the best shoes for pickleball and other running and sports shoes. Asics men’s gel dedicated 5-shoes is also one of the highest-quality shoes for pickleball players.

asics pickleball shoes


The men’s shoe is unique and loving in its feature with reasonable prices.  The shoe makes your game more enthusiastic with a comfortable synthetic rubber sole. The rubber sole acts as a shock absorber and boosts up traction. The outsole makes the foot more stable with lusty support. This unrivaled foot support will help pickleball players to a professional level. The Trusstic System technology provides extra cushioning with gel and makes movement more reliable during the game. These shoes are the best shoe for pickleball players.

Saucony Grid Stratos 5 Shoes:

Saucony is a North American brand of sports, footwear, jackets, hoodies, and clothing. It is specially designed footwear of high-quality performance for athletes and those who have any specialty. Saucony Grid Stratos 5 shoe is also one of their best productions for pickleball players. The shoe is highly reliable and allows forward, backward and side-to-side movement of the foot during the game.

Best Pickleball Shoes


It is perfect for pickleball players with an upper synthetic, lightweight sole with breathable mesh. The lace-up closure system makes it more attractive and eye-catching. The midsole has a heel grid system that gives excellent cushioning whenever the heel strikes the playing court. Additional cushioning boosts by injection-molded EVA foam. XT-600 outsole lays out more durability to the shoe. It will be a wonderful experience to have such comfortable shoes during the game. But the toe box of the shoe is a little bit small that some time hinders the toe movement.      

New Balance Women’s 696v3:

Pickleball has both males and females athletes. So when it comes to the best athletic shoes for women, the new balance is one of the best for women’s footwear.

Best Pickleball Shoes 2021


The shoe has decent features with affordable price and a long term survival. The shoe has a synthetic textile with exceptional built quality and comfort. The shoe is a favorite one of women’s due to its sturdy soles. The upper sole is of rubber that makes it durable enough to play well.  The REVlite midsole provides cushioning that prevents bending and injury of the ankle with extra comfort. The Herringbone outsole makes a grip on the court and keeps players relax during pickleball. The mesh blend upper provides max ventilation and keeps feet fresh and dry. While the sole acts as slip-resistant and gives ample traction.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 7:

Asics is well-known for durable athletic shoes and clothing. It makes revolutions and innovations day by day in footwear for athletes by unique shoe technology according to the needs of players. ASICS women’s gel revolution 7 is also its famous production designs for women by keeping in view their requirements during a pickleball game.

asics pickleball shoes


This shoe is perfect for outdoor pickleball as tennis with 7th modified gel-revolution. The Asics has made improvements in the updated edition with extra comfort and reliability.  The gel gives more cushioning than the previous one throughout the shoe. Lyte midsole provides a high level of stability and supports the foot in the court for best play. In the start, the shoe feels slightly narrow at the midsole, but with time, it becomes softer and comfortable. Moreover, the construction of the shoe has Asics high abrasion-resistant rubber outsole for durability even on rough courts. One issue with the athlete’s face is that a stiff ankle collar irritates when the foot moves while playing.

Nike Men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Shoes:

Nike is an American sportswear company that uses the power of sports to support employees. Nike always comes with unique and latest technology shoes for athletes and outdoor players. It designs shoes for both men & women according to their needs. Nike men’s Zoom Vapor 9.5 is the best shoe for men’s outdoor pickleball games like tennis.

best tennis shoes


The Nike men’s zoom shoe is breathable and comfortable with synthetic mesh fabric. It is a unique, eye-catching look with a lace-up closure system. It is the latest version of Nike vapor to give extra speed to your foot for the game. The shoe is light weighted and with high ventilated mesh throughout the shoe as a quarter, vamp, upper, and sides all have a mesh fabric that increases breathability of the shoe. 

The adaptive fit lacing system works like a pulling system. This system helps to get snug-fitting according to the foot shape. The outsole is rubber for support and durability. The shoe is much comfortable with EVA foam that is for cushioning. But this shoe doesn’t support the arch, to men’s having an arch problem. Moreover, for wide feet, the shoe even of wide size has a narrow fitting, but it is perfect for precise feet. 

K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Pickleball Shoes:

K-Swiss is also a famous brand of off-court and on-court shoe style for players that feel fit and happy during the game. The hypercourt express shoe is also one of their signature and clean shoes that is light weighted and provides a high stability level over the globe.



The express shoe provides excellent cushioning and flexibility with a pretty soft upper. The upper surface is of mesh fabric for ventilation with large toe space. The padded tongue provides tight fitness with laces without affecting the comfort level. The extra padded inner gives a soft cushioning effect with EVA foam in the midsole. It also acts as a shock absorber with dual-density Guideglide foam. The outsole provides ample arch support. The shoe keeps players fit during the game and allows free movement in all directions. The rave collar ankle provides safety without irritating feet. But the toe box is too (spacious) than the stock size.

Adidas Barricade Club Pickleball Shoe:

Adidas barricade club shoes are perfect for tennis, badminton, and pickleball players. They have a beautiful design that changes the lifestyle and fills the game with more fun and enjoyment. The shoe is for playing on the soft muddy court as well as on the hard cement court.

adidas pickleball shoes


The outsole of this shoe is hard and tough that is perfect for indoor and outdoor games with a non-marking sole. The high features torsion system is well-supportive for enthusiastic players. The shoe gives extra cushioning to play on the terrain surface. The heel contains ADIPREN for shock absorbance and ADIPREN + for efficiency and propulsion. The outsole has made an extraordinary improvement with the removal of sliding and slipping in court during pickleball. Adidas barricade club shoe is perfect for proving yourself an extra-talented player.

Prince T22 Hard Court Pickleball Shoe:

Prince T22 is a good, lightweight, breathable, and slip-resistant with a fair amount of flexibility for you if you want a high-quality shoe for playing pickleball. It is the player’s favorite due to taking consideration of fast movements in a different direction by players. The shoe is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor games playing on a hard court.

best tennis shoes


The shoe features a sturdy sole with a wishbone TPU shank in it that reduces the shocks and chances of injuries. The midsole has EVA foam along with ShockEraser inserted in the back and SoftSpring PU forefoot in the front that combines help to remove beating of foot and joints while landing. Moreover, the herringbone outsole has PCR 1000 compounds for a good grip on the court. With all these specialties, this shoe is high-rated among pickleball players. The shoe feels players cozy with cushioning and supportive effect along with eliminating the chances of the ankle rolling adversely.


Pickleball is a most entertaining game that is easy to play, while a little bit of care in choosing the perfect shoes adds up more fun and keeps you safe during the game.

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