How to Select the Right Shade of Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for some kind of hair extension that can enhance the volume and appearance of your hair, it is important to ensure that they match perfectly with your brown hair. 

When you’re getting clip in hair extensions, the chances are that you’re already confused about how to go about finding ones that can match your existing color perfectly. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure you’re not buying extensions you won’t end up using. 

How to Select the Right Shade of Brown Clip-in Hair Extensions

Check Your Natural Color

It is important to determine your natural hair color first. While you may not know it, there are hundreds of varying shades within brown, and your hair might look unnatural with the wrong shade. Many hair extensions are made using varying shades of brown, so it doesn’t look too flat or unnatural when you’re using them. 

However, if you’ve colored your hair brown, you might have an easier time finding the ideal extensions, as you can use your hair color product information as a reference. 

Match to the Ends of Your Hair

It would help if you started from the ends to ensure that your hair extensions look seamless with your natural hair. Your hair extensions can look more definite and pronounced towards the ends of your hair, so you need to ensure that the shades match.

If you’ve got a darker brown at the top of your head which ends up going lighter as it goes down, you should consider getting your extensions treated the same way your hair was. It can ensure that your extensions look like your natural hair to anyone looking. 

Comparing Textures

When you have naturally curly hair, getting silky straight extensions can end up being a disastrous match for your hair. You must also remember your hair texture when choosing the ideal hair extensions. 

If you’re unable to find clip-in hair extensions that are suitable for your hair texture, you can find professionals who are willing to alter the extensions, so they’re more suitable for your hair. However, this could be a waste of money if you’re considering synthetic extensions as they don’t tend to last very long. 

Consult a Professional

If you’ve never bought hair extensions before, buying new ones by yourself can be pretty intimidating. When you want to ensure that you’re not making a mistake by buying the wrong kind for your hair, it’s always ideal to consult a professional.

You can choose to go to your regular hairstylist and ask them about brands that would work with your hair. You could also research beforehand, find a variety of extensions you think could work, show them to your stylist, and ask for suggestions.  

When Confused, Go Lighter

With so many shades of brown extensions available, it can be challenging to determine which ones can be ideal for your hair. 

Whenever you’re in doubt about what shade would be most ideal with your hair color presently, it’s always a good idea to pick the lighter one. Lighter extensions can make your hair look naturally highlighted or as if it’s been out in the sun too long. 

Finding the perfect brown hair extensions doesn’t have to be too difficult for your head or wallet. These tips will make the decision fairly straightforward.

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