What Are The Top Trends Of Women’s Fashion For This Summer

Last Updated on 2 years ago by Nicky Johnson

Women get very excited on the arrival of the new season to start shopping for it. Whether their wardrobe is full or needs to be updated, their craze for shopping remains the same. 

When the warm and lengthy summer season is approaching, it is a need for time to update your closet. Try to choose summer wears that are light weighted, bright-colored, and trendy as well.

This summer, try out something new and classy. There are new fashion trends launched every single day. Choose the attire and accessories that match your style and meet your comfort zone.

Following are some top summer trends for women in 2021:

Mini Skirt

Looking for something light and elegant for your summer look? A mini skirt is a good option. Its trend never gets old, whether it is the 90s or the modern era of the 21st century. 


You can pair it up with some beautiful ethnic jewelry like long golden or silver chains, colorful bracelets, or a watch. It would be a wise decision to add one to two mini skirts in your wardrobe that you can style on any occasion in the warm summer season. This is because you can create so many looks with just a few skirts with simple and easy modifications.

Head Scarfs

Head scarfs have been in trend since the time of our granny or mommies. It is one of the cheap and easily available go-items that anyone can afford and manage to buy from any local market. 

Silk head coverings or scarfs are available in a variety of bold colors, to go well with your summer outfits. Floral and block letter scarfs are in trend these days. You can tie it up on your head and leave the remaining fraction around your neck like a band. Or you can wrap it whole around your head. In both ways, it looks good and stylish.

Yellow Bags

Yellow or mustard color accessories look so chic with colorful summer dresses. A bag is a must to carry when you are going out. This season, add a beautiful yellow bag or clutch to your wardrobe. 

It can go well with all your clothes, especially with a monochromatic theme. You can match your shoes or jewelry with your yellow bag. Or you can make a good color contrast with your dress as well. You will get a lot of options and styles of colorful or yellow bags while shopping for summer.

Bright Color Attires

Bright colors look stunning in summer, no matter whether you are going somewhere or just have to wear them in your daily routine. Fill your closet with some radiant colorful dresses in beautiful color contrasts.

It will not only look good on you, but also feels light and cool in a warm atmosphere. Try to avoid wearing dark colors, especially black, as black is the best heat absorber and can make it even warmer for you.

Evening Gowns

There may be a social get-together or a birthday party that you don’t want to miss just because you don’t have comfy party wear. For this, you should have something that looks fancy as well as light to wear in the warmer season.

top summer trends for women

Evening gown is a good option to go for in such situations. You can check out Jovani Evening Dresses Collection for a huge variety of evening gowns designed for every type of occasion. It will not only be easy to carry, but also looks good at summer parties. Depending on the event, you can choose the color, print, or embroidered gowns or maxis that will make your evening even more special.

Oversized Shirts

If you are the one who loves wearing the oversized shirts of their dad, brother, or boyfriend. Wear it with full confidence as these are in trend nowadays. These are super comfortable to wear and carry on. 

top summer trends for women

You can pair it up with different color trousers, shorts, or tights whatever you want. Colors that are mostly worn in long and loose shirts are neutral ones, blue, mustard, or caramel color. You can try color contrasting jewelry along with other accessories.

Large Sunglasses

It is necessary to wear sunglasses or goggles if you are going out during the daytime. It will not only save your eyes from the blazing sun and its harmful rays, but also add to your looks. You can wear it with any type of costume. It can also fit well with plain single-color dresses and highlight your overall look.

top summer trends for women

It comes in many styles, sizes, and color patterns. You can select the one that suits your dress and looks good on your face as well. Talking about the recent trends, large goggles are famous among every age group, whether it’s teenagers or adults. 

Shoes With Pants

No doubt, a classy look can not be completed without shoes that match your dress standard as well. You can try open or closed-end shoes with different dress types. With a maxi or an evening gown, open shoes, sandals, or heels go well. If you are going with pants, try strappy heels that will surely turn the heads around at the party or office wherever you are going.


Are you looking for something that can save you from dazzling sunlight and also complete your summer look? You might be missing a hat. No matter what you are wearing, a feminine dress, crop-top, a maxi, or an oversized shirt, it can go well with any type of outfit. If you are going to invest in buying a new hat, choose a color that can suit every colored dress. Whether you are going out on a sunny beach day or just having lunch with your friends, investing in a hat will never seem like a wrong decision.

The fashion industry is growing so fast that there are infinite options, especially for women. These are some tips to style your summer look the best way you can. So, what are you waiting for? Be ready for your summer shopping and update your closets with these trendy, comfortable outfits and accessories.