Best Air Freshener For Cats

Keeping pets at home is an amazing feeling as pets are the best companions. We love our pets and do not want them to remain smelly and dirty. It is a tough task to clean them and remove the odor of their urine and feces from the house and their litter box. Should you bath cats? Generally, no, but in some cases, yes. So, you might want to consider using air fresheners to make your home smell better.

There are many ways to keep your environment fresh and keep pets healthy and odor-free, but air fresheners have made our work easy as they are the perfect option.

These deodorized materials are the best ones to remove odor from a pet’s litter box and also keep them healthy. There is a variety of odor-removing agents, but selection depends upon the type of pet we have.

If you have cats as a pet, then hold on because cats are very sensitive pets, and they require much care to keep them fit.

For odor-free cats, you can use air fresheners that add a little extra dose of the deodorized power when you sprinkle them on the cat litter box. We have found the best cat air freshener for your pet cats.

Cats are cool pets, but they are also sensitive to household products and the indoor environment.

Only a few of us know that cats have to suffer more for heath in the house than outside because household products such as pressed particles board in furniture, carpeting, vaccines, and air and flea particles may affect their lungs and kidney via smell.

The sense of smell is 14 times more common in cats than in human beings. So for their health, it is important to use natural household products and scent-free air freshener for them.

The cat air fresheners are the best way to remove the cat odor and keep them fresh. The cat air fresheners are best for removing cat urine odor and another bad odor from your cat.

Thing To Keep In Mind:

Before buying the best air freshener for your cat pet keep in mind the following key points.

  • Do not add any fragrance or chemical scent to remove the bad odor of your cats from the house. It may cause irritation or allergic reaction in cats.
  • Always prefer the air fresheners having natural products if you see any allergy due to chosen fragrance immediately remove it.
  • Instead of looking for the fragrant air fresheners, choose the ones having the best odor-absorbing quality.
  • Choose the right scent suitable for cats. Usually, citrus scent is more beneficial to absorb the cat urine odor as it mixes with that and quickly eliminates the stench quickly.
  • It must have the ability to absorb the odor in the living space for the long term. The best air freshener can absorb the odor up to 4 weeks.
  • Buy one that is pet-friendly and has safety standards. It should be able to be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms and all the places where there is need of freshener.
  • The air freshener should be an odor neutralizer rather than masking the smell with a nicer smell. The odor neutralizing agents either bind with the odor molecules and form a new one that is not detectable with your smell receptors, or they break the odor molecules and remove the smell.

Best Air Freshener For Cats:

Following are the best odor absorbing and hygienic air fresheners for cats.

  1. GermGuardian Pluggable Air Purifier

  2. Febreze Heavy Duty Air Freshener

  3. One Fur All Pet House Freshening Room Spray

  4. MOOKA air true HEPA filter air cleaner

  5. Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener

GermGuardian Pluggable Air Purifier:

GermGuardian pluggable air purifier is the best air freshener that acts as a purifier and sanitizer also. It eliminates the germs due to UV sanitizing power and deodorizes the home from the smell of cat’s urine and other dirt.


You can see it for small rooms and run it once a fan that stays at a fixed speed. It is without any filter, so you will not take tension about changing filters.

The UV air sanitizer and light of the GermGuardian detect the small viruses and germs in the room and kill them. In this way it protects the cats from allergens and keeps them happy.

For cat owners it is a blessing as it can be plugged into small spaces. It eliminates the odor of the cat’s dirt and also those which are associated with owning a cat.


  • It is small and operates at 140V
  • It comes with one-year warranty
  • Not need of filter replacement


  • Do not eliminate the smell properly
  • Only effective for small rooms
  • Its sound is loud
  • Bulb burns out quickly

Febreze Air Freshener Heavy Duty Spray:

Febreze  Air Freshener Heavy Duty Air Spray is the other best one option for removal of cat’s odor of urination and fouls. It smells keeps the house fresh and is slight that don’t irritate the human and cat also.


When this freshener is sprayed out, it locks the molecules of the odor by dissolving them in the water of the product. In this way it eliminates the odor rather than masking it and spread a pleasant fragrance.

It contains 100% natural ingredients that make it safe for cats. Along with compressing the odor of cats, it is also beneficial for removing stubborn odors of cigarette butts also.

You can use it in kitchens, bathrooms, and all small places where you found any odor. It is a heavy-duty freshener and is suitable for sensitive pets also.


  • It is fresh and has the best power to eliminate the odor of cats.
  • Not only that, but it contains 100% natural ingredients and safe for pets
  • It is long-lasting and available in three packs


  • It may be pungent for the people sensitive for scents

One Fur All Pet House Freshening Room spray:

This air freshener is useful for all types of pets to eliminate the urinating odor. You will find them perfect for reducing the bad smells. It is free from harmful chemicals including toxins, formaldehyde, dyes, and paraffin.


It consists of 100% natural and plant based ingredients. Likewise, it is gentle in smelling and not overpowering. But it does not last longer therefor you will need to spray it after some time.

It comes in a bottle that you can keep safe from feline in the cupboard or any safe place. From the clear plastic bottle you can exactly check the amount of product left behind.


  • Free from harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Contains natural ingredients and is plant-based
  • Plastic bottle, so no worry for accidental smashing
  • Neutralizes the odor
  • Available in 6- different scents


  • Aerosols are not clear, so you do not realize that product is running slow
  • The smell is not long-lasting

MOOKA Air True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner:

To get rid of strong odors of cats whether of urine or feces MOOKA air purifier 3-in-1 true HEPA filter air cleaner is the best choice. This air freshener neutralizes the bad odor and keeps the environment fresh.


It is hygienic for the cats and dogs also. It contains 3- stages filtration system including pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. Furthermore, it improves the air circulation with 360-degree air intake and outlets.

It has the ability to clean 50 cubic meter air per hour in the standard mode. It has a single button that turns it off and on while pressing it for a long time turns ON/OFF the light.

The same button also controls the fan speed also. It has a sleek and elegant design with cutting-edge noise reducing fan blade. It controls the 35dB noise at quiet mode.


  • Best filtrating power that filters all type of smell such as of cigarette butts
  • Free from chemicals


  • It is not long-lasting
  • For small rooms only and cannot make a great difference in air quality

Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener:

For the cat owners, whom the cat odor ant is the biggest problem in house Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener is the perfect odor absorbing solution. It has the ability to tackle this problem and giving a fresh environment.


It is the best air freshener for absorbing the smell of cat urine. This cat air freshener has a long-lasting absorbing rate, and it removes the lingering odor perfectly.

It fills the whole house with the fragrance of citrus fruit that gives a pleasant feeling. It is long-lasting and eliminates the odor for 6 weeks. Furthermore, it comes in convenient 3 packs and is perfect for pet rooms and pet areas.


  • It has a mild scent and works great for pet areas
  • The lovely fresh orange smell keeps the environment fresh and clean


  • Citrus smell becomes irritation when mix with cat’s odor
  • Cats are allergic to citrus smell

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