5 Best Cat Litter for Allergies 2023

Have you a pretty cat, and are you worry about allergies in your cat due to the litter box? Most people are surprised to know that cats also have an allergic issue. Like a human, cats can also suffer from allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems. A dusty cat litter can be a great source of allergy for cat parents and cats. Such cats need extra care from cat parents. The cat litter for such cats should be hypoallergenic to keep them healthy. In this article, you will find the symptoms of allergies and the 5 best cat litter for allergies.

Your little kitty or cat may be sensitive to some allergens. They may be in the grass or any place near it. If your cat shows a reaction to such allergens by sneezing, coughing, itching, or it may become smelly, then it is time to find the reason for its discomfort.

Symptoms of Cat Litter Allergies:

The allergies can be due to many reasons. But the question is how to identify that your cat has a litter allergy or not. The allergy may arise due to the dusty litter, fragrances, and grass. The symptoms of litter allergy are.

  1. Feline acne
  2. Running of nose
  3. Water and red eyes
  4. Itching on the skin
  5. Avoiding the cat litter for doing its “business.”
  6. Coughing, diarrhea, and vomiting
  7. Chew her paw due to itching.

You should check the symptoms & it is behaved when it is near or far from its litter. If you see litter particles stuck in its paw while it is itchy, then the allergy is due to litter. If symptoms are worst, then show the doctor and change its litter.

Thing to Keep in Mind While Going for Cat Litter:

When you go for cat litter, you must know what is best for your cat. Here are some points that will help you in buying allergy-free cat litter. The cat litter should be dust-free totally or 99% so that when cats play with it, it does not catch any allergic particles from the air.

The material you choose for cat litter should not have sodium bentonite as it is a dust-producing agent. Clay is a famous cat litter and the best one if it does not have sodium bentonite.

Avoid preferring litter with scent or perfume smell that many brands may use in their formulas. But the branded cat litter that claims to provide an odor control guarantee. The smell of a cat is bearable for anyone. So, to keep your home odor fresh, it is necessary.

The cat litter may be in grain form or pellet form. The cat litter having pellet is better for cats with long hair, and grains are better if you keep your cat in the mechanical litter box.

Check on the label the disposable method. Some litters require disposing of after scooping into the bag, and some you can flush out in the toilet. But it is better to dispose of it by a septic system.

Best Cat Litter For Allergies:

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter:

Best Cat Litter for Allergies

Okocat natural wood clumping cat litter is a plant-based cat litter. It provides a healthy and clean environment for the pet. These mini palettes of cat litter are soft under the cat’s paw and don’t stuck and scatter out of the litter box. It is free from dust, artificial fragrance, dyes, and allergens. It is perfect for cats with long hair. It is biodegradable, and you can flush it also. You can use it for 7 weeks and can scoop it easily. It forms the solid clumps of the litter. But it will put a little bit of a burden on your budget.

Dr Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter:

Best Cat Litter for Allergies

Dr Elsey’s premium clumping cat litter is a traditional cat litter that keeps them away from allergy. It is a natural clay litter that attracts the cats to their litter box for “business.” It is hypoallergenic and 99% free from dust. It is hard clay with a combination of heavy non-tracking granules and medium grains. This hard clay cannot absorb moisture and is unbreakable. It is easy to clean litter boxes without affecting yourself. It is free from harmful allergens, chemicals, and artificial scents. Its natural smell locks the odor of ammonium and urine and keeps your home fresh and clean. It is also suitable for the mechanical cat litter box.

Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Cat Litter:

Best Cat Litter for Allergies

Arm & Hammer cloud control platinum clumping cat litter is also the best cat litter for allergies. It contains baking soda with American clay that quickly overcome the odor in the cat litter box. It is also dust-free and easy to scoop out. If you have more than one cat sharing a litter box, it is the perfect choice for them. It is the low tracking cat litter that is easy to spout out. It is long-lasting and keeps the litter box odor-free and fresh every time. You can easily remove the affected part to keep all litter fresh.

Boxiecat Premium Clumping Cat Litter:


Boxiecat premium clumping cat litter is the best product for the cats. It had won the cat’s fancy editor’s award in 2012 for it. It is scent-free cat litter having medium granules that have low tracking. They are soft for a cat’s paw. It is hypoallergenic and also has no chemicals and additives. It is better than clay cat litter. Its advanced dust suppression process makes it more valuable for cat litter. It removes the smell of ammonia and keeps the litter box free from odor. It forms solid clumps that are easy to scoop out. It is the best one and recommended by veterans for pets, but its granules may stick to the cat’s paw.

World’s Best Corn Cat Litter:


The world’s best corn cat litter is the environment-friendly cat litter as compare to clay cat litter. It has whole kernel corns that are renewable and biodegradable. You can flush out them comfortably. Moreover, it does not stick down the cat’s paw, and you can easily clean the mechanical litter box. It is safe for kittens and cats recovering from surgery. It is also for cats and an owner having respiratory problems as it is 100% dust-free. It is light in weight and offers low tracking and less mess. Its medium size granules facilitate the pets with softness. It is free from allergens and chemicals that may cause allergies in animals.


All the recommended cat litters are saving for cats that are sensitive and prone to allergens. You can buy them for the healthy life of your cats. With all this, provide your cat with a healthy and ventilated environment to keep them away from allergies. Keep the cat litter box in the ventilated area. It will also protect you from the inhalation of bacteria and odor. Wash your hands properly after cleaning the cat litter box. It will keep you and your pet healthy.

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