Best Fair Trade Shoe Brands

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When it comes to buying products for our daily use, we always think about our satisfaction and reliability whether it is about clothing, shoes, edible things or anything else.

But have you ever thought that along with our comfort, the life of living things that are around us is also very important. There are certain things that are made up of harmful material such as plastic, leather etc.

That is not safe, even after recycling or using it. By using this material in our daily routine, we are creating danger for us and our loved ones. The fake leather and polyvinyl chloride PVC emits dangerous and poisonous pollutants that create many healthy issues as well.

Moreover, the factories that are involved in formation or manufacturing of such products are also becoming the cause of environmental pollution through using fossil fuels, plastic and not proper disposable systems.

Do you know there are many sustainable products that are designed for the purpose of overcoming these circumstances? We can buy vegan and eco-friendly products for our daily use, such as Fair trade shoes.

These sustains are ethical, and environment-friendly shoes made up of organic material that is not harmful for our environment and is safe for use. Fair trade shoes are cruelty-free and have standards for human beings for a healthy and hygienic environment.

Most of the companies claimed to offer fair trade shoes for the workers for developing a sustainable environment for them.

The main strategies that are involved behind the manufacturing of these fair trade shoes is

  • Minimizing the use of harmful material and energy use.
  • Making the product eco-friendly and implementation of beneficial processes.
  • Easy despicability of materials and making it able for recycling.
  • It reduces sexism, use of harmful chemicals, forced labor, and label cobblers.
  • Putting a good impact on the economy of the country.
  • Easy separation of the components of a material.

There are many brands who offer unique design for fair trade shoes.

Thing to Keep in Mind While Buy Fair Trade Shoes

While buying sustainable shoes or fair trade shoes, there are following points that require consideration.


The main purpose of manufacturing these shoes is providing a hygienic environment. Therefor the material you choose for it should be

  • From renewable source such as organic farming
  • Recyclable/ biodegradable, or biocompatible
  • Of the local material

Free From Harmful Chemicals

Most of the shoe making companies use chemicals in the manufacturing of shoes for preserving the leather and enhancing the shelf life of the shoes. So search for the company that offers chemical free material, it is good for the sustainable environment.

Choose the vegan company for getting a vegan pair of shoes. Leather is not a by-product, it is a co-product, so for the animal’s right and good and safe environment look for the vegan product. Vegan products have a positive impact on the livelihood of the community.

Best Fair Trade Shoes Brands

Following are the best and famous fair trade shoes brands that are playing their part for a sustainable environment.

  1. Po-Zu
  2. SoleRebels
  3. Will’s Vegan  
  4. BHAVA 
  5. Allbirds
  6. Everlane
  7. Fortress of Inca


Po-Zu is a well-known fashionable brand for vegan and sustainable shoes. It offers high-quality ethical footwear for everyone. The shoes are made up of a variety of natural materials including organic cotton, linen, pinatex, wool, chrome free leather, vegan leather and fair trade natural rubber.

It offers sneaker and hi-tops for both men and women. These eco-friendly shoes are made in Portugal and in Sri Lanka in an eco-friendly factory.


SoleRebels are the best eco-friendly footwear that is handcrafted in Ethiopia with the best sustainable and green production methods. It offers sandals and flats for both men and women.

Along with providing the sustainable footwear it also provides a lot of facilities to the workers including medical coverage, 4 times minimum wages, cultural preservation and free transportation. The shoes are made up of hand loomed fabrics, mainly cotton and natural materials used with recycled tire soles.

Will’s Vegan

Will’s Vegan offers the best runner and sneakers for men & women. The products are manufactured of vegan material, including vegan carbon-neutral. It is packed without plastic.

The upper part of the shoes is made up of eco-certified microfiber material and foot beds are of recycled rubber. The innovative faux leather is manufactured from vegetable oil. The pair of vegan hiking shoe is comfortable in wearing and strong and sturdy in built.



BHAVA offers the best ethical shoes for women with a unique fashionable look. These vegan shoes are cruelty-free. The vegan leather is stylish with a variety of styles such as in wooden heels, and some interchangeable designs. They are actually designed in actual winter boots. It is a USA based company.


Allbirds is also one of the most popular brands for vegan and fair trade shoes. It is a New Zealand-American company that sells ethical shoes that are eco-friendly. The material of the shoes is certified, carbon-neutral, and can be recycled again and again. 

Most FSC-certified Tencel lyocell and Merino wool material is used in the manufacturing of ethical shoes. They ensure an environmentally friendly and animal-friendly environment. These shoes are light and are comfortable to carry.


Everlane is also a well-known brand for a great collection of ethical footwear. It plays a very important role in the safety of the planet by making high-quality and certified cotton products.

The products of this brand have recycled plastic and organic wool. These are recyclable with 50% recycled cotton canvas, a rubber sole, and 50% recycled canvas upper. But the company has bad business ethics and lacks diversity.

The latter apologized to its employees by giving a statement on Instagram. Their famous products are modern loafer and heel boots that are good for wearing in office or on Sunday events.

Fortress of Inca:

Fortress of Inca maintains well-relation with their workers and creates harmony among them. They use leather for manufacturing shoes that are a by-product of the meat industry. Their products such as boots, flats and sandals are inspired by traditional Peruvian textiles. They are manufactured by natural products.