Here Is Everything You Need To Start Your Morning Right

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Don’t you just love mornings? There is nothing like waking up with the fulfilled promise of a new day. This is a day when you can reinvent yourself and try to become a better version of who you were yesterday. Of course, having a good day could really depend on how you’re feeling in the morning. Good mornings can set a very positive tone for the rest of the day, but bad mornings can get you in a very grumpy mood and may lead you to be unproductive. Studies have actually shown that there is a very parallel correlation to how you wake up and how you are for the rest of the day, it is very important that you start your day right.

The good news is, However, there are some life hacks that you can try so that you can set a positive tone for the rest of the day, starting with your mornings. Here are the things that you need to start your morning right.

A Little Extra Rest

This may sound like it is counterproductive, but there really is a case to be made that your day could become much more productive if you allow yourself to get a little extra rest before getting up. You do not have to worry about being very strict with your schedule as long as you remember to sleep early and wake up early.

Getting a little extra rest before finally getting up can give you the opportunity to collect yourself, calm your mind, and think about how you’re going to approach your day. After all, A little of your time never hurts anyone, and you take the opportunity to improve your mood for the rest of the day. Just a little extra rest could really make an impact on how the rest of the day is going to go.

Just The Right Amount of Sunlight

You can argue that there is nothing more frustrating than waking up and having an overwhelming amount of sunlight in your bedroom. This is almost the equivalent of getting wet and a cold day — it overwhelms your senses and forces you to become immediately active, even when you are not ready to be. It is important that you invest in black out curtains so that only a little bit of sunlight permeates your bedroom, and you can set yourself up to wake up organically instead of being forced to because it was too bright.

If black out curtains may be a little bit too dark for you, you can always go for blinders that you can adjust accordingly depending on how much light you want in your room in the morning. Either option will help you wake up with a happier and healthier mood.


The power of stretching in the morning is really understated. Even if you do not exactly want to exercise right away in the morning because you want to save most of your energy to get started with work, employing a quick stretching routine will help get your blood flowing and get you to the right energy level that you need to be able to maximize your productivity that day.


Mindfulness is one of your key ways to get you through the day happy, healthy, and productive. Taking a few minutes out of your morning to practice meditation and mindfulness techniques is really going to help you add clarity to your day so that you do not make rash decisions, get in a bad mood, or feel the weight of stress and anxiety.


One thing you can do is download a meditation app on your phone and just listen along to the instructions. This has become very popular, so you will have plenty of options to choose from based on your own preferences as needed. Plenty of people are quick to scoff at the benefits of practicing mindfulness, but it would do you well to give it a try because the benefits are proven and the people who try these out have mostly good things to say.  


If you have been working for a while, this one should be a no-brainer. There is nothing as effective for perking up your morning better than a nice cup of coffee — or several. Coffee is the ultimate resource for you to not feel like a zombie during the morning and actually start to get things done. 


Having that said, you should invest in a modern coffee maker so that you can get your first cup sooner rather than later. You do not want to keep using the older ones where you have to grind the beans yourself, put on a filter manually, and wait an obscene amount of time before you actually get to enjoy your first cup. 

A Break From Your Cell Phone

This cannot be stated enough, if you really want to have a good mindset going into your day you do not want to grab your phone and go through social media the moment you wake up the way most people tend to do nowadays. This could have very detrimental effects on your level of focus and can set you up to be susceptible to more distractions during the day. You have to practice putting your phone down if you want to optimize your focus.

Healthy Bowels

This one is a little unorthodox, but definitely worth noting. If you suffer from constipation, you can actually get back pain and leg pain when you wake up in the morning. Obviously, this is something that you are going to want to avoid because having back, and leg pain could really set you up for a really miserable day. 

Among the many causes of constipation, dehydration and a lack of fiber in your diet are among the most common. Luckily, there are also some of the easiest for you to remedy by just employing the right lifestyle changes and dietary changes, especially making sure that you drink enough water everyday. 

A Full Breakfast

You have heard it many times, but breakfast is absolutely the most important meal of the day, and there is no way you can hope to start the morning right if you skip it all together. Skipping breakfast actually has a lot of bad effects on your help, such as causing your blood sugar to drop. You will also be feeling sluggish throughout your day because you won’t have the necessary energy to start being productive in the morning and a lot of your important tasks may be deferred towards the later parts of the day. You want to make sure that you get a decent amount of fiber, carbohydrates, good fats, and proteins during your breakfast so that you can take on your day full of energy and vigor. 

These are only some of the things that you can try to start your day right. Of course, the most important thing for you to have out of all these things are confidence and a positive attitude; these two things along with the rest of the stuff that we mentioned in this list will undoubtedly help you seize the day.

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