Top 10 Ways For How To Make Yourself Throw Up

Vomiting is the best process to get rid of the toxin and harmful things present in your stomach. When you throw up you feel relieved. Vomiting is defined as “the forcible voluntary or involuntary action of throwing up of stomach material through your mouth” are described here.

Use Your Finger For Throwing Up


It is the most common, easy and effective method to make yourself throw up. the simplest thing that you should do is that just put your finger in your mouth press it and push your finger to the back of your throat. It works amazingly. It shows results in just 2 to 3 minutes. And you just throw up and cleans your stomach harmful materials. unfortunately, if this simple trick does not work repeat this process several times until the result is shown. When you feel like vomit then remove your finger from your mouth. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that don’t ever forget to wash your hands after doing this whole process.


Drink Luke Warm Water Mixed With Salt


Another effective method for throwing up is to take a glass of Luke warm water mixed with 2 to 4 spoons of salt in it. When you will drink this salt mixed water it causes you to vomit. The reason is that excessive amount of sodium chloride ( NaCl ) when reaches in your stomach it could not be digested. Your stomach can’t accept such an excessive amount of salt. So, this method surely works, and you will quickly throw up. if it does not work wait for at least half an hour after drinking this saltwater.

Take Warm Water Mixed With Mustard Oil


It is a great homemade method to make yourself throw up. for this purpose, you need a glass warm water and mix in it a spoon of mustard oil or mustard paste both of which are available you can use. Just mix it and drink this mixture as quickly as you can. Because mustard oil makes the taste of water quite unpleasant. This makes water smelly and it is a difficult task to drink it. But when you will drink this warm water very quickly It will help you to throw up very quickly and fast. In some cases, this method gave results instantly and in very rare cases this method takes 20 to 30 minutes to work and give results.

Take Emetics


Emetics are medicinal drugs that are used to induce vomiting. These emetics are most frequently in the form of syrup. A good example of emetic syrup is I ipecac syrup. They are also available in the form of emetic tablets. The method to use these medicines is here. If you are taking the syrup, then first mix it in water and then take a long gulp of it. Or if you are taking tablets then obviously you should take them with water. These medicines when reaches to your stomach causes the walls of your stomach to contract and you feel like vomiting and throw up all your stomach contents in no time.

Doctors say it is a safe way to cleans your stomach toxin and harmful materials. But they also recommend avoiding taking them because these medicines also have some side effects like:

  1. Low Blood Pressure
  2. Dizziness
  3. Fast And Low Heart Beat

Hence you should try to avoid taking these medicines and adopt natural and homemade methods to make yourself throw up.

If still, you want to use these emetic medicines, then please don’t take them the permission of your family physician.

Take Blood Root Herb

This is a herb that is used to make yourself throw up. the method of using this herb is that mix an estimated amount of herb in water and drink it. it is the fastest way to vomit. But the intake of this herb could be dangerous for you in some cases. If you take a larger dose of bloodroot herb, then it can cause fatal disease and their symptoms like foot pain and tunnel vision. So, it is better to take this bloodroot herb with caution otherwise avoid taking it.

Over Eating

Overeating means that you eat too much which is beyond your stomach carrying capacity and your stomach becomes overextending. It can cause your stomach to vomit and maintain its original position. But take greater care when you are using the trick of overeating. If you will fill your stomach with junk food, it will damage it causes problems in the digestive system and can also cause pain in the stomach. If you want to use this trick always use natural food like shakes, juices, fruits, and vegetables.

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You Use Tooth Brush Instead Of Finger

Just like the way I mentioned earlier the method to throw up by using finger just like that you can use your toothbrush if you don’t want to use your finger. The method is the same as that of the process of a finger. First before using carefully wash your toothbrush and place it in your mouth causing it to rub on your tongue. It causes you to vomit and throw up. if this process did not work repeat it again and again until you get the results.

Watch Others Doing Vomit


It is a function of our sensory system when you see someone doing vomiting your mind and body, in turn, respond to that action. So, it is the best method.

Do Gargles With Egg White

You all are familiar with the smell and taste of raw egg. Its taste is unpleasant. When you do gargles with the egg white it causes you to quickly spit it out and throw up to remove your stomach material. For throwing upbeat the egg whites of 3 to 4 eggs and gargle with it. It is a safe and quick way to induce vomiting. In past people used this method to cause patients vomiting which accidentally becomes the victim of poison intake.

Expose Yourself To Bad Smells

This is also an effective method for making yourself throw up. some people’s brains quickly respond to bad and unpleasant smells causing them to vomit.  You can also try this trick.


These above-mentioned methods can help you on how to make yourself throw up. All these tricks are tried and tested. They are easy simple and show you your desired results in a couple of seconds and minutes. If you feel any difficulty reading this or any query leave a comment below I will surely reply to your queries.

Frequently Ask The Question

Will Inducing Vomiting Help Nausea?

Vomiting is a natural defense of the body against germs, poisons, and drugs. Many may want to induce vomiting to relieve nausea whether the origin is an illness or an alcohol-like drug. Some induce vomiting when they feel they’ve over-consumed it’s a symptom of an eating disorder.

Does Drinking Warm Salt Water Make You Throw Up?

The drink more than enough salt water can create a problem. The use of saltwater to vomit called condition hypernatremia. The saltwater is used to induce vomiting.

How Do You Throw Up When You Feel Nauseous?

Here are some suggestions when you feel nauseated: avoid foods that are difficult to digest. When you feel ill with the aroma of hot food, try eating fresh and cold meals.