Buyers Guide To Choose Reliable Artificial Grass For Dogs

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Do you dream of playing with your pet on a clean patch of grass? Playing and cuddling are much more fun on artificial grass for dogs than on traditional lawns. Humans and animals both love comfort alike. Hence they get fond of artificial grass pretty quickly. These are softer than natural grass and completely dust free, so you don’t have to worry about allergens or dirty surfaces. 

You can let your pet loose on the turf without worrying about discolored dead grass, spots, or holes on your property. Artificial grass enhances the overall appeal of your yard. Besides, cleaning the patch becomes exceptionally convenient with a sophisticated drainage system that allows water on the grass patch to pass below toward the ground level. 

Artificial Grass For Dogs

What is artificial grass made of? 

Artificial grass is made of high-quality synthetic fibers. They go through rigorous testing and quality check to ensure it complies with all the requirements and grades of fake grass. It can last for 15-20 years, depending on usage and maintenance.  

The artificial grass does tend to get hot during summer. However, you can bring down the temperature instantly by sprinkling water on the patch. Moreover, some synthetic grass has an infill with natural cooling properties. It cools down the patch as soon as the sun subsides or is covered by clouds. 

Benefits of artificial grass 

  • Your dogs immediately start liking artificial grass as it is softer than natural grass. They are gentle enough for your furry friend to roll around with ease. 
  • One of the most beneficial features of artificial grass for dogs is it is easy to install and does not have any health risks for humans or animals. 
  • Pet owners are often concerned about the chemicals used in natural lawns. Pesticides or weed killers might cause stomach infections or rashes to their tiny companions. However, with fake grass, you can rest assured your pet can play safely. 
  • You need not worry about germs, insect infestation, endless rounds of pest control, or mosquito repellent spray. 
  • It is easy to clean off when your pet poops or passes liquid waste on the turf—just water down the patch with a water hose. You might as well use a gentle detergent to eliminate any persistent smell. 
  • Pets tend to dig around the lawn. This often destroys your picture-perfect natural property. Artificial grass is of incredible quality and remains unaffected by everyday wear and tear. 

How to build a great yard for your pet

  • Make your pets even happier by adding excitement to the plush green turf. Add a few obstacle toys to create a game for your furry friend.
  • If you have space, consider adding bar hurdles through which they can jump. If you are tight on a budget, go for PVC pipes instead. 
  • Dogs love to play hide and seek. Create a hideout that camouflages with the turf to keep him engaged for hours. 
  • Invest in weave poles if you want to monitor your dog’s reflexes. These are upwards poles through which a dog has to pass without any contact with the poles. 

Bottom Line 

Maintaining a lush green lawn requires tremendous dedication and hard work. Besides, the maintenance cost can go higher post the rainy season. However, you can handle weather or animal mess with artificial grass. Undoubtedly the installation cost is slightly higher. But the benefits outweigh the price considerably once you compare the pros and cons. They look well maintained around the year with little to no expense. Artificial grass is highly durable and available in different shades and lengths to feel as close to natural as possible.

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